Floor Sawing & Road Sawing

Complete Concrete Cutting (Qld) can quickly and precisely cut flat surfaces such as floors, suspended slabs, roofs, bridge decks and roadways from 25mm through to 500mm with diamond-tipped blades.

This can be achieved by using walk behind concrete cutting equipment powered by diesel engines. As part of our extensive concrete cutting services, our qualified team are on hand to carry out detailed floor sawing for all construction purposes.

Diamond floor saws are self-propelled either by petrol or diesel motors. An economical and effective method for the cutting of horizontal concrete structures such as concrete slabs, car parks, roads, pavements, suspended slabs, driveways or for the formation of expansion joints, chases and the like.

Cutting to a depth of 500mm our diamond floor saws are quick, efficient, dust free and are ideal for fast, clean cutting of all floor surfaces.

We operate a range of concrete cutting machinery from leading industry brands to ensure the highest quality results.

Floor sawing is ideal for rapid surface cutting or altering surfaces for repairs, and Complete Concrete Cutting (Qld) specialise in this service, performing work for all clients including contractors, builders and other commercial clients in a fast and reliable manner.

Floor Sawing & Road Sawing | Complete Concrete Cutting

Complete Concrete Cutting (Qld) are specialists in floor sawing, road sawing and asphalt sawing, covering all aspects of the concrete cutting industry – commercial, industrial, civil & domestic projects, providing concrete saw, concrete cutting, confined space operators.

Sediment & environmental controls, floor cutting. Concrete slab cutting, cutting suspended slabs , roof cutting, cutting bridge decks and roadway cutting.