Soff Cut & Green Concrete Sawing

Complete Concrete Cutting (Qld) provides Soff cutting / Green Concrete Cutting services for all new concrete. Soff-Cut has the only Ultra Early Entry dry-cutting system, which controls random cracking through the early timing of the cut.

With the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry method, control joints are cut within one to two hours after the finishing process and before final set. The control joints are not as deep as the traditional method.

With the Soff-Cut system, sawing of control joints occurs on green concrete – within the first hour or two after finishing, as opposed to conventional sawing after final set.

Soff-Cut provides the best solution in the prevention of random cracks. Only one system, Soff-cut, allows you to cut in the green concrete as part of the finishing process in order to more effectively control random cracking.

Complete Concrete Cutting (Qld) are specialists in Soff-Cut & green concrete cutting, covering all aspects of the concrete cutting industry – commercial, industrial, civil & domestic projects, providing concrete sawing, green concrete cutting, green cut concrete, Soff-Cut concrete cutters, green concrete & asphalt sawing, confined space operators, sediment & environmental controls and Soff-Cut / green concrete sawing.

Soff Cut & Green Concrete Sawing | Complete Concrete Cutting